Intro til uddannelsen

Molecular Biology study the properties and interactions of macromolecules, and examine the function of genes and the function of the proteins that are formed

Molecular Biology er et fag, du læser som en del af din bacheloruddannelse på RUC. 

During your Bachelor study in Molecular Biology you may solve questions like: How are biological characteristics inherited? How do various organisms protect themselves against harmful substances? Why and how do we age? Why does cancer occur?

The bachelor subject Molecular Biology is the part of biology that concerns itself with macromolecules’ properties and interactions and examines the function of genes and the function of the proteins that are formed. You will acquire a solid understanding of all the key theories of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and microbiology.

The subject engages in research into, among other things, DNA synthesis and DNA repair, and expression of genes in bacteria and higher-ranking animals and humans. This research increases our general knowledge of these processes and their molecular mechanisms, which is also of major importance for our understanding of a number of diseases. Research is also conducted into the structure and function of various proteins that are important for the development of new medicines or biotechnology processes, such as for the production of second-generation bioethanol. 

All teaching and project writing is conducted in English.

Din hverdag på studiet

The study environment is very international, with one-third of the students come from abroad. The study environment is characterised by direct contact with the experimental work carried out in the research laboratories, and with the researchers, technicians and visitors at the laboratories. We often meet with students from the other natural scientific disciplines in the famous 'Kemobar' on Fridays.

Fra bachelor til kandidat

En bacheloruddannelse fra Roskilde Universitet giver dig adgang til at læse en kandidatuddannelse. Alt efter hvilke(t) fag du vælger på din bacheloruddannelse, har du adgang til en eller flere af vores  kandidatuddannelser.


Undervisere Molecular Biology