Intro til uddannelsen

The International Bachelor in Social Sciences offers you an international perspective on social sciences and specialisation in two bachelor subjects

The International Bachelor in Social Sciences is about investigating, understanding and explaining the social, economic and political conditions in society from an international perspective.
There are both foreign and Danish students on the programme, and the courses and project work have an international focus. The teachers on the programme are supervisors with both a Danish and foreign background. This provides a good opportunity to work with cross-cultural issues.
During the first year on the programme, you will work with a number of social science subjects and learn about economics, political systems and social relations in society. You will acquire knowledge about key social science concepts, theories and methods that you can use no matter what specialization you choose later.

You can immerse yourself in the areas you find most interesting in your project work, where you choose which problems you want to work with, and you will also have the opportunity to collaborate with organizations or companies.

In the final two years, you will specialise in two bachelor subjects. You can choose from among a number of combinations, either with two social science subjects, or with one subjects from social science and one from the humanities or natural sciences.

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Fra bachelor til master

Med en bacheloruddannelse fra RUC har du adgang til en række kandidatuddannelser. Vær opmærksom på, at de nuværende kandidatuddannelser på RUC har sidste optag i år med ansøgningsfrist 1. marts 2021.

Fra 2022 udbyder RUC 30 nye kandidatuddannelser, der erstatter de nuværende. Du har allerede nu mulighed for at se de kandidatuddannelser RUC udbyder fra 2022.