Intro til uddannelsen

Study human consciousness, personality, development and socialisation

Social Psychology of Everyday Life er et fag, du læser som en del af din bacheloruddannelse på RUC.

Social Psychology of Everyday Life focuses on social psychology in a global context. It deals with the individual human being who talks, acts, interprets and experiences, and who is part of an interaction with other people, with culture, society, nature and with her- or himself.

Social Psychology of Everyday Life focuses on the relationship between the individual and society and thus, on how people’s practice as individuals and as participants in groups, relate to their socio-cultural conditions. Social Psychology of Everyday Life therefore, deals with the questions of how humans think and react, why humans think and act as they do, and how they interact with culture and society through their actions.

The objects of study are human consciousness, personality, development and socialisation – the process of becoming a subject. How do we become the people we are? What does identity mean? How do we learn? How do we function in social contexts? How do we affect, and how are we affected by, the social relations and settings of which we are a part?

All teaching and project writing is conducted in English.

Fra bachelor til kandidat

Med en bacheloruddannelse fra RUC har du adgang til en række kandidatuddannelser. Vær opmærksom på, at de nuværende kandidatuddannelser på RUC har sidste optag i år med ansøgningsfrist 1. marts 2021.

Fra 2022 udbyder RUC 30 nye kandidatuddannelser, der erstatter de nuværende. Du har allerede nu mulighed for at se de kandidatuddannelser RUC udbyder fra 2022.