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Do you want to shape the sustainable cities of the future? Then join our Master’s programme in Nordic Urban Planning Studies, where you will learn international and interdisciplinary approaches to urban planning, through a Nordic lens.
Master's programme in Nordic Urban Planning Studies - what is it about?

In a rapidly urbanising world, cities face huge challenges around climate, mobility, sustainability, housing and much more. In this programme, you will train to tackle these challenges and shape urban futures on a local, regional, and global level.

Faglig profil

This programme studies global urban planning through a Nordic lens, seeking to learn from the region’s innovative approaches to sustainable urbanisation. We explore themes such as public space and liveability, mobility and forms of transportation, citizen empowerment and climate adaption. Through perspectives from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, you will learn international and interdisciplinary perspectives on urban planning and development. You will investigate how economic, political, and social processes create frameworks for urban planning, and you will train to analyse complex urban problems using both qualitative and creative methods, and quantitative techniques of spatial visualisation and geographical information systems.

Throughout this programme, you will work with all aspects of urban planning and development, from the social and cultural to the more technical, thus training you to be a bridge builder between different professions in the field – not least through group projects and the potential to do an internship during your time with us. We equip you to navigate the complex networks of urban planning and to offer solutions to both local, regional, and global challenges.

En uddannelse - tre universiteter

This programme is based across three universities: Roskilde University in Denmark, Malmö University in Sweden, and UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. During the programme, you will attend at least two of these universities and can choose to attend all three. This gives you a uniquely international perspective on urban planning and an opportunity to pursue your specific interests in the field.

Roskilde University specialises in research on urban development and the globalisation of cities in relation to welfare, mobility, immigration, sustainability, minorities, social innovation, and social inclusiveness.

Malmö University specialises in research on economies of urban development, housing, the real estate market, smart cities, and social sustainability in planning.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway specialises in research on planning theory, local democracy, culture and place, sustainability, and the planning and development of Arctic areas.

Funding to support programme mobility is available from Erasmus +.

For more information: Three universities - one programme

Din hverdag på studiet

We attract students from all over the world and from a variety of backgrounds, and this diversity makes for a vibrant study environment. From South American architects to Dutch social scientists, our students are joined by a keen interest in Nordic urban planning and a willingness to critically examine its many aspects in a global context. Although students may choose different tracks from the second semester, they form a tight-knit group along with our staff of leading researchers from the three universities. We have an informal tone and an open-door policy with close contact between students and faculty. At the start of your first semester, you will be welcomed with a week of social activities and excursions, and throughout the programme, field trips are a natural part of the curriculum.

Karriere og kompetencer

As a graduate in Nordic Urban Planning Studies, you will be attractive to all businesses, public authorities, and organisations that work nationally and internationally with cities, regions, and urban life. Our graduates often work as urban planners, consultants, and innovators. Many find jobs at international architect and engineering consultancies, working trans-nationally with city development, with others take up advisory positions for public authorities at all levels, or push urban innovation as project leaders and facilitators in NGOs. Examples of employments include:

  • Project consultant at Rambøll, working with sustainable urban solutions in projects worldwide
  • Urban planner in the city of Paris, working with urban development  
  • Community Advisor at StrategyNorth. In Yukon Territory, Canada, working with local governance, planning and evaluation
  • Technical manager at the municipality of Copenhagen, working with mapping urban spaces for development
  • Project manager at Cycle Superhighways in the Capital Region of Denmark, working with strengthening cycling infrastructure

Kandidatgrad: Cand.soc. i Nordisk Urban Planlægning / Master of Science (MSc) in Social Sciences in Nordic Urban Planning Studies. Graden er en fællesgrad ("joint degree") fra alle tre universiteter.


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