Introduction to the programme

International perspectives on urban challenges and futures
Master's programme in Nordic Urban Planning Studies - what is it about?

Nordic urban planning has recently become the focus of intensified interest from urbanists worldwide who are seeking to learn from innovative approaches to sustainability, liveability, mobility, ‘smart’ cities, empowerment, welfare and more.

This international joint master's programme provides a unique opportunity to study such approaches to planning cities and urban life in a global context with leading researchers from the universities of Roskilde (Denmark), Malmö (Sweden) and UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, in Tromsø.

By moving between three universities and countries, you will develop international and interdisciplinary perspectives on urban planning and development. You will also become skilled at working collaboratively and imaginatively with diverse communities, organisations, companies and municipalities.

Through conducting your own research in groups and individually, you will become experienced in qualitative and creative methods as well as techniques of spatial visualisation and geographical information systems. You will further gain first-hand insights into planning problems and potential solutions.

Funding to support programme mobility is available from the Nordic Council of Ministers and Erasmus+.

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Programme structure

The programme is based across the three universities with opportunities to specialise at each. Core training is provided in Semester 1 at Roskilde University. You then choose from different tracks in Semester 2 (either Roskilde University or Malmö University) and in Semester 3 (either UiT The Artic University of Norway or Roskilde University). In Semester 4 you decide where to conduct your master’s thesis. At least one semester (30 ECTS) must be taken at a different university, i.e. students must study at at least two universities and have the opportunity to attend all three.


Nordic Urban Planning Studies qualifies you for a wide range of job opportunities. Graduates will be attractive for businesses, public authorities and organisations working nationally and internationally with cities and regions, including as:

  • Project leaders and entrepreneurs in urban consultancies
  • Managers, facilitators and coordinators of city development in international planning, design and consultancy companies 
  • Urban planners and social innovators for international organizations and NGOs
  • Urban planners for local, regional and national public authorities and municipalities
  • Advisory positions in public and private sector working to build urban futures 
  • Research positions, including within universities (for example PhD studies).

Academic staff

Academic staff Nordic Urban Planning Studies

Facts about the programme

Degree: Master of Science (MSc) in Social Sciences in Nordic Urban Planning Studies. Graduates of the joint programme will be awarded a degree from either two or three universities, depending on their chosen programme of study (double or multiple degree).

Teaching language: English

Study start: First study start September 2022