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Introduction: Bachelor student at Roskilde University

Become a problem solver

Sustainable solutions for the major future challenges can not be solved with one professionalism alone. Therefore, all our educational programs are interdisciplinary , so you are equipped to solve real-life complex problems.

Learn to ask the right questions

To solve a problem you need to learn to ask the right questions. You learn how to identify and frame a problem through problem-oriented projects. In projects you work deeply and exploratory with a problem chosen by you and your fellow members of the project group. Throughout the process you will be guided by one of our talented researchers. Project groups consists of students like yourself who are passionate about the same issues and findings as you.

Study environment with happy students

Structure of the bachelor's programmes at Roskilde University

Duration of the bachelor's programmes is three years equivalent to 180 ECTS

Graphic display of structure of bachelor programmes at Roskilde University

3 bachelor's programmes and 13 bachelor subjects

Get to know us

Student being interviewed
Student being interviewed

Being a bachelor student

Tre studerende samarbejder udenfor

You are not alone

When you begin your studies at Roskilde University, you will meet a team of dedicated tutors who have worked intensively throughout the summer to give you and your fellow students the best start to your studies. The tutors will introduce you to life as a student at Roskilde University, so that you have a good network when your study programme begins. The intro period lasts two weeks and prepares you for your new student life through several different activities. During the intro period, you and your fellow students will go on an off-campus trip which is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students.

Study start and guide to international students

To studerende lytter i undervisningen

A new daily life

You will encounter a different structure to your daily life compared to what you might have been used to before. You will have fewer on-campus lessons and you will be challenged with higher demands of independent preparation for your courses.

Concurrently, you will begin your project work together with your group of fellow RUC-students. It’s up to you and the group to plan your own time and complete the necessary tasks in order to make progress throughout the semester – guided by one of the researchers from your programme.

Kvindelig studerende kigger i mikroskop

Commitment, independence and responsibility

Throughout the semester you will be guided by leading professors and lecturers, and you will be given assignments and tests as you make your academic progression. By the end of the semester, you and your project group will have an exam on the project report that you have handed in as a result of the semester’s project work.

It requires independence and great responsibility to be a bachelor student. In return you will develop the much needed knowledge, skills and competences that employers all over the world request to be able to solve present and future challenges.

International students in Denmark

The Danish education system

Information about the Danish education system, principles for education in Denmark, structure of the system and more can be found at The Ministry of Higher Education and Science's website.

Code of Conduct

The Danish higher education institutions have agreed on a common Code of Conduct for offering higher education programmes to international students. Roskilde University undertake to comply with the code of conduct.

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