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PhD at Roskilde University

Why Enrol at a PhD Programme at Roskilde University?

Interdisciplinary Research Environment

The PhD programme at Roskilde University is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary research environment.

PhD students are connected to a Doctoral School and research groups - an active research environment. Roskilde University has 4 Doctoral Schools. We collaborate with other national and international Doctoral Schools, and as a PhD student you have the opportunity to participate in PhD courses offered at all Danish universities.

Influence on the PhD Programme of Study

The structure of the PhD programme at Roskilde University enables the PhD students the greatest influence on the course of study. For example, each Doctoral School has instituted a Doctoral Committee which acts as the supreme authority and the Board of Studies for the Doctoral School. As a PhD student you have the opportunity to join the Doctoral Committee, and thereby influence your PhD programme.

Improve Your Communication Skills

As part of the PhD programme you gain communication experience, e.g. supervision of master students, teaching or participation in conferences. In order to develop your ability to communicate you are offered university teaching courses. The types of courses vary, but may include courses in project work and problem-oriented supervision and teaching. In addition, as a PhD student you are associated with a strong research environment, with excellent opportunities for professional discussions with regards to supervision and methods of teaching.

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4 Doctoral Schools at Roskilde University

Interdisciplinarity and a problem-oriented approach to research is shared principles at the 4 schools

Doctoral Schools and PhD Programmes at Roskilde University

Doctoral School of Science and Environment

We teach and research application-oriented and innovative in the science of the real world and in the environment. We work with the fundamentals of science that determines and develops the theories on which science is based. Fundamental and applied research goes hand in hand. Our research generate new knowledge, innovation, patents and offers an earnings potential to the business community.

Doctoral School of Communication and Arts

The Doctoral School of Communication and Arts (ARTS-PHD) offers a post graduate PhD program covering a broad range of research fields. The PhD program works together with the different study programs at the Department of Communication and Arts: Communication Studies, Journalism Studies, Performance Design, Philosophy, Danish language, History, English and Cultural Encounters. The Doctoral School works closely with the different research groups at the department and offers PhD Courses, PhD master classes, writing retreats and other activities. 

Doctoral School of People and Technology

We are involved with development of sustainable solutions. We use experimental approaches and support people’s active commitment. The Department is covering human, society, health and IT scientific fields as well as planning, intervention and design inclined fields.

Doctoral School of Social Sciences & Business

The Doctoral School of Social Sciences & Business provides PhD training and research within the interdisciplinary, international, and professional environment of ISE.

The Doctoral School is a part of a large and dynamic community of researchers who share a commitment to understanding society in diverse contexts of change and global engagement. Our interdisciplinary research perspectives are primarily based on the social sciences. Researchers come from all over the world and engage topics that are geographically, theoretically and methodologically diverse.

Vacant PhD Scholarships