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Find the right bachelor's programme

A bachelor's programme begins with a one year basic section of interdisciplinary studies.
The last two years you will specialise in one or two bachelor subjects.

Bachelor in Global Humanities (int)

Basic section: Basic Section in Humanities
The basic section in Humanities gives you a international and interdisciplinary approach to the study of the humanities. By drawing on the disciplines of philosophy, cultural studies, development studies, communication studies, media studies, linguistics, literary studies, history, educational studies and psychology, you explore shifting boundaries, hybrid identities and new cultural formations in the global society.

International Bachelor in Natural Sciences (int)

Basic section: Basic Section in Natural Sciences
During the basic section of the international bachelor programme, you will become familiar with key natural science theories, methods and models, while studying in an international environment. Through your project work, you will learn the basic methods for how to examine nature using experiments, analyses and models.

International Bachelor in Social Sciences (int)

Basic section: Basic section in Social Sciences
On the basic section in Social Sciences, you will work with a number of social science subjects and learn about economics, political systems and social relations in society. You will acquire knowledge of key social science concepts, theories and methods from an international perspective.