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Study Guidance Bachelor

Contact us if you are considering to study at Roskilde University.

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Questions about study programmes:

Questions about admission:

You can usually expect a reply within five work days. During weeks 28, 29 and 30 (July 6th - July 26th) emails will only be answered on Wednesdays.

The better you explain your situation and what you need guidance about, the better and quicker we can help you.

Do you have a physical or psychological disability?
You can get special guidance and support (SPS – Special Educational Support) during your studies. Please contact us at or +45 4674 2700 Monday and Thursday 10-11.30 am.

Call us

Questions about study programmes:

+45 4674 2424

Phones are open: Monday - Friday 10 - 15
But during weeks 28, 29 and 30 (July 6 - July 26), the phone is only open on Wednesdays.

Questions about admission:

+45 4674 2010

Phones are open: Monday-Friday: 10 - 12

Meet us

Roskilde University campus is temporarily shut down and the staff is temporarily dismissed due to authority instructions related to COVID-19.

Until we reopen, we offer you the opportunity to book a phone meeting with us (25 minutes). However, during weeks 28, 29 and 30 (July 6th - July 26th) you cannot book an appointment.

Click here to book a phone meeting

We offer guidance regarding

  • Choice of bachelor’s programme and bachelor subjects
  • Courses
  • Content of the programme and semesters

Do you have questions about admission?

Contact our Admissions Office if you have questions about admission - e.g. about admission requirements, fees, residence permits based on studies.


Guidebook to Roskilde University

RUC on the go is Roskilde University's guidebook for new students. It is inspired by the traditional guidebook that tells you about the destination's must-see sights, gives you an introduction to local lingo and an insight into the local history and identity. This guidebook also includes a mini-phrasebook, facts about the university, introduction to the polical system at the university, institution accreditation and our educational model.

International bachelor programmes

Get a short introduction to RUC’s 3 international bachelor programmes, see which subjects you can choose and read about studying at Roskilde University.