Peter Westh
New enzyme research boosts biofuel

New, efficient enzymes make it easier to turn corn stalks, straw and other agricultural waste into environmentally friendly fuel. In addition to climate benefits, the research represents a substantial export potential.

November 8: IMFUFA seminar on Deforming Curves and Surfaces by Their Curvatures

Meet Niels Martin Møller from University of Copenhagen. He will be talking about Deforming Curves and Surfaces by Their Curvatures.

November 15: IMFUFA seminar on Next step for X-rays in airports

Ulrik Lund Olsen from DTU will talk about the "Next step for X-rays in airports"

Johnny Ottesen, Rubrik, tavle
Mathematical model can improve depression diagnosis

Mathematical models can be used to develop new methods to diagnose e.g. depression, and the models can provide important information to help develop better forms of treatment.

November 22: IMFUFA seminar on Criminal prosecution of symbol processing professionals

Join the IMFUFA-seminar when Bernhelm Booß-Bavnbek from RUC and Kristian Cedervall Lauta from University of Copenhagen talks about "Criminal prosecution of symbol processing professionals"

November 29: IMFUFA-seminar on Computational screening of new materials

Join the IMFUFA seminar when Karsten Jacobsen (DTU) talks about Computational screening of new materials.

Søren Laurentius Nielsen
Anthropogenic substances threaten Danish coastal waters more than we think

The harmful effects of heavy metals and other toxins in the sea, such as pesticides, are underestimated, according to new research from Roskilde University.

Lotte Jelsbak - Rubrik
Super-salmonella can make us smarter

Associate Professor Lotte Jelsbak has discovered a special variant of salmonella, which may be more dangerous than the common salmonella. It is therefore important to study the new variant.