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Study Start Exchange and Guest Students

Introduction Programmes

Introduction Programs

The official semester start is September 1st for the autumn semester and February 1st for the spring semester. However, we encourage you to participate in the Foundation Course prior to semester start. We offer two types of introduction programs to give you the best start to your stay in Denmark:

Foundation Course

Roskilde University offers a Foundation Course to all international students prior to semester start. For the success of your stay, we strongly encourage you to participate in the course. 

It is free of charge for exchange-, guest- and current international students studying at Roskilde University. The Foundation Course will give you an introduction to:

•    The university
•    The learning principles of Roskilde University
•    Information about studying at Roskilde University
•    Help with practical matters when moving to Denmark
•    Introduction to Danish culture and much more

Many international students participate in the Foundation Course and appreciate their experience for the rest of their time at Roskilde University. We hope you can join too!

In the autumn semester, the course runs in the end of August and in the spring semester, the course runs in the end of January.

Please note that this year’s Foundation Course will differ from previous years due to Covid-19. Therefore, the program will mainly be carried out online. 

Video: Introduction to Foundation Course [2:16] >

Read more and sign up for the Foundation Course

Introduction to your programme

The programme introduction at your master's or bachelor's programme contains important information about courses and workshops.

Find information about when and where in the information about your programme at

About life in Denmark

Getting Started

You should read the handbook Getting Started with information for new international students. It offers practical information e.g. regarding student life at Roskilde University and your stay in Denmark including what to do before your stay in Denmark and what to do upon arrival.

Survival Guide

Get the International Students Survival Guide to life in Denmark - made by students to students.

Public Transportation Discount

If you are an exchange or guest student, you can apply for a public transportation pass known as an "Ungdomskort".

Danish Courses

While most Danes speak English quite well, learning Danish while studying in Denmark will benefit you at your study place, in your social life and in terms of finding a job in Denmark. There are different options for Danish language courses depending on where you live. Learn about your options in your local municipality (kommune):

Roskilde Kommune
Københavns Kommune 

Buddy programme

The Buddy Programme is a face-to-face introduction to Denmark, facilitated by current students at Roskilde University, giving you an informal introduction to student life at the University. The Buddy Programme will also host common social events for all international and local buddies throughout the semester.

Register before semester start and we will pair you with a local buddy in a small buddy group, so you will have a friend from day one. Somebody who will help you around campus, and also somebody to go for dinner, lunch, parties and all sort of things with. Also, many fun activities will be arranged by Roskilde University, exclusively for the Buddy Programme.

Due to COVID19 the Buddy Programme runs many of its events digitally in order to follow RUC’s regulations. Since the buddy groups are small, it may still be possible for the separate groups to meet.

Read more and sign up for the Buddy Programme


Study start for new exchange and guest students

At the web page “Study start for new exchange and guest students” on our intranet, we will gather all the information relevant concerning your study start: Introduction programmes, course registration, course dates and much more. This page will be updated when we can tell you more about this year's study start.

International Community

'International Community' is a student run organisation which host various events to create a social platform for international and Danish students at RUC.

Survival Guide

Get the International Students Survival Guide to life in Denmark - made by students to students.

Students outside the student house

The Student House RUC

Student House RUC is an open and inclusive gathering place for all students at Roskilde University, where you can hold meetings, organize events, assembled on activities and meet for social and professional interaction.

Roskilde University on Flickr

See pictures of Roskilde University on Flickr.

Students at campus

Campus Roskilde University

Life at the university is more than attending classes and conducting research. On campus there are many facillities for sports and social time together, indoors and outdoors.

A short guide to Roskilde University

RUC on the go is a short guide to Roskilde University for new students. It follows the tradition of other travel guides that usually includes information about must-see sights, local lingo and historical highlights. In RUC on the go you find a phrase book, facts on the university, an introduction to the university’s political system, institutional accreditation and our educational model.