Get a tour of the campus by Bastian and Mathilde

Studerende Bastian og Mathilde viser rundt på campus

Roskilde Universitetsbibliotek (RUb) set udefra

Roskilde University Library

Roskilde University Library (RUb) is located by the main entrance and is an open, bright and welcoming library. RUb is specially designed to be a workplace for students and staff at Roskilde University - and, in the best possible way, to help them with their studies.

Studerende sidder på campus

Street Scape

The venue Street Scape is located next to the canteen building at the multi track. Three containers are placed here, two of which are designed with compartments where you can hang out during breaks or do project work. There is wireless internet and light in the containers so they can be used at night. The third container, which is next to a sand area is decorated like a beach. Street Scape also has skaterrails - free to use for all.

On the multi track lights are so you can play football, hockey and basketball in the evening. You can activate the light directly from the multi track by scanning one of the QR-codes at the track. Follow the instructions and the track will be lit for an hour.

To studerende indenfor i Studenterhuset

The Student House RUC

The Student House RUC is an open and inclusive gathering place for all students at RUC, where you can meet, organize events and activities and meet for social and academic interaction. 

The association Student House RUC is based on voluntary engagement in which students work together to operate a house that gathers and engages all students at Roskilde University. There is open access for all, with benefits for students with valid student ID.

The Student House RUC is run by volunteers, organized in a board, a finance committee, four different subcommittees and a bar and cafe.

to mandlige studerende kigger ud over campus sø

Trekroner HUB

On Trekroner Hub you can skate, play basketball, petanque, table tennis and walk on slacklines. There is also a large patio area where you can barbecue and there are pavilions, for instance to be used for project work. Trekroner Hub was created in 2014.


The canteen

In the middle of the campus in building 01 is Grab'N Go, which is a canteen specifically targeted at educational institutions and with a sustainable mindset.

Academic Books

The bookstore on campus. Entrance through the library.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf is golf with a disc (frisbee). On RUC's campus is an 18-hole course. The course is free to use all year round.

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