Study start Bachelor

Welcome to study start 2021

Chairpeople Emma and Cecilie welcomes you to study start 2021

Practical info for Study Start

On RUC’s intranet pages, you can find detailed information regarding RUC’s introduction programme, course information, SU (student grants) and much more.

Survival Guide

Get the International Students Survival Guide to life in Denmark - made by students to students.

International Community - Roskilde University

The International Community (IC) is a student run organisation that hosts various events to create a social platform for international and Danish students at RUC. Visit us on Facebook.

More info on study start

You can read more about study start at the Student Councils webpage, where you will find more detalis during the summer: About the intro period and what to expect from your study start at RUC.

Students at campus

Campus Roskilde University

Life at the university is more than attending classes and conducting research. On campus there are many facilities for sports and social time together, indoors and outdoors.

Map of RUC Campus

Directions to Roskilde University

Get a map over Roskilde University campus and directions on how to get to Roskilde University

A short guide to Roskilde University

RUC on the go is a short guide to Roskilde University for new students. It follows the tradition of other travel guides that usually includes information about must-see sights, local lingo and historical highlights. In RUC on the go you find a phrase book, facts on the university, an introduction to the university’s political system, institutional accreditation and our educational model.

The Student House RUC

Student House RUC is an open and inclusive gathering place for all students at Roskilde University, where you can hold meetings, organize events, assembled on activities and meet for social and professional interaction.