Angela Bourne - Rubrik
A party ban is democracy's weapon of last resort

Some democratic states choose to ban anti-democratic parties, even though it is a contentious issue, because the parties are considered to be a threat to the democratic system or core values in society.

Sevasti Chatzopoulou - Rubrik
The European debt crisis has brought people together across borders

Social movements mobilisation activities increased across borders as a reaction to the economic crisis that has especially hit southern Europe over the past decade as indicated by the Associate Professor Sevasti Chatzopoulou.

September 15: Graduation Celebration

Are you going to hand in your master thesis within the next coming months?
Join us and let us celebrate with your fellow students and family.

Mette Fog Olwig klimaforandringer
Simplified narratives concerning climate change issues overshadow solutions

Some narratives concerning environmental and climate change issues are so dominant that they have a major impact on how the authorities, organizations and local communities address the issues, even though the narratives may not be entirely accurate or the whole truth.

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