Strategy RUC 2030: Interconnected

Strategi RUC 2030 Interconnected

Why "Interconnected"

The world is connected. And contributing to a sustainable future requires that we understand the contexts in the world as well as take part in them. Roskilde University will contribute to this by being an open network of knowledge with pioneering interdisciplinary research as the catalyst.

We strengthen our research and our study programmes by connecting the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, technology and health sciences, thereby challenging academic boundaries. Because when we push the boundaries of what we know, build bridges and develop relationships, we create coherence and progress in a complex world.

Roskilde University’s strategy 2030 as a tool for dialogue

Roskilde University’s strategy is both a goal, a guideline and a concrete tool. Our ambition is that the strategy can be a starting point for ongoing dialogue and prioritisation.

Therefore, we present the strategy as a tool for dialogue that can contribute to clarify the connections between projects across Roskilde University, and how these projects connect with the university's common objective.