The research magazine Rubrik

Articles from Rubrik #16, 2019

Georg Brandes - Photo: Holger Damgaard

Brandes' magnum opus 'Main Currents' had worldwide repercussions

The magnum opus of Danish literary critic Georg Brandes provoked in Denmark and made an impact far beyond the Danish borders. Professor Lasse Horne Kjældgaard is leading a research project that revitalises 'Main Currents'.

Fatima AlZahra'a Alatraktchi

»My research only makes sense if in the future there are patients who get a better prognosis«

30-year-old Fatima AlZahra’a Alatraktchi is already a well-known name in the research world for her work on detecting very early signs of disease in humans. Her research has now led her to RUC, where she looks forward to working with researchers outside her own field of expertise.

Kristian Syberg.

Researcher Gets 57,000 Research Assistants

Children and young people from all over Denmark are helping Roskilde University’s Kristian Syberg to map plastic pollution in Denmark. It will provide a unique dataset that will make us wiser vis-à-vis one of the planet’s biggest environmental challenges.


The Journey Away From A Use-and-Throw-Away Holiday

Part of the traditional DNA of tourism is the use-and-throw-away culture. Because, when we are on holiday, it is all about relaxing, having fun and consuming. At least, that is how it was. Meet Professor (with special responsibilities) Flemming Sørensen who is researching new ways to increase sustainable tourism.

Morten Andersen

Mathematics Provides More Effective Cancer Treatment

Mathematicians at Roskilde University, in collaboration with hematologists at Zealand University Hospital, have developed mathematical models for how normal blood production, development of blood cancer and inflammation mutually affect each other. In synergy with blood samples from the individual patient, the models can provide a guide for more effective, individualised cancer treatment.