Rubrik #10, 2016

Lars Jensen

The Greenlandic paradox

Climate changes are bringing both economic potential and major problems to Greenland, which has only limited opportunities to influence developments itself.

Per Homann Jespersen metro

The environment and urban life have been under-prioritized in traffic planning

Bicycles, electric cars and other environmentally friendly modes of transport now play an important role in the traffic debate, which was previously dominated by private motoring and expansion of the motorway network.

Søren Laurentius Nielsen

Anthropogenic substances threaten Danish coastal waters more than we think

The harmful effects of heavy metals and other toxins in the sea, such as pesticides, are underestimated, according to new research from Roskilde University.

Peter Westh

New enzyme research boosts biofuel

New, efficient enzymes make it easier to turn corn stalks, straw and other agricultural waste into environmentally friendly fuel. In addition to climate benefits, the research represents a substantial export potential.

Mette Fog Olwig

Simplified narratives concerning climate change issues overshadow solutions

Some narratives concerning environmental and climate change issues are so dominant that they have a major impact on how the authorities, organizations and local communities address the issues, even though the narratives may not be entirely accurate or the whole truth.