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Collaborate with students

Get access to new knowledge

At Roskilde University, the students learn to analyse and solve real life problems. Therefore, as a company, you have the opportunity to gain access to the latest knowledge. Collaboration with our students is conducted on various platforms and within a wide range of interdisciplinary fields such as natural sciences, social sciences, arts and technology studies.


Expand your network

Besides specific strategic and operational input to your company, collaboration with students provides you with a unique opportunity for employer branding and to get in touch with potential employees. For example, many companies hire their intern as student assistant and then subsequently end up hiring the student in graduate job.

Students collaborating at Roskilde University

Collaborative platforms

Roskilde University has a number of platforms for collaboration between companies and students.

Project collaboration

Your company is facing a challenge. A project group works towards finding solutions.



An internship gives you access to the talented employees of the future - before they complete their studies. An internship is a unique way of injecting new inputs to your company over a period of time.

Student assistant

A student assistant is a helping hand for a short or long period. At Roskilde University, students are educated within many different academic fields and acquire a wide range of competences. Therefore, you have the opportunity to find a student assistant with the precise profile that matches your company.

Presentations and career events

Do you want to contribute with academic or professional perspectives from your daily work and at the same time enhance your company’s employer brand among Roskilde University’s students? 

Roskilde University Job and Project Portal

RUC Job and Project Portal is the university’s meeting place for students and companies.

Here, companies have the opportunity to find just the student they are looking for in relation to:

  • A student job
  • An internship
  • Project collaboration
  • Graduate job

You can easily and quickly advertise on the job and project portal. You can also create a company account with a detailed presentation of your company. Both postings are free - but with the option of paying for your post to be highlighted.

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