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Open and participatory research

Sharing Knowledge

In a society where everyone is connected, the possibilities for sharing knowledge and ideas are constantly increasing.

This is a major potential for university research. We believe that the most vital questions and the most relevant solutions occur in the interaction between universities, individuals, businesses and organizations. The experience possessed by others can be used to identify relevant problems and to qualify solutions in interaction with the university.

Involving the Outside World

We are engaged in developing new ways to interact with the world around us.

We involve the outside world in our research, in our identification and understanding of the nature of problems and in the dialogue regarding possible solutions for the benefit of both the local community and the rest of the world. We are also constantly engaged in developing new ways to interact with the world around us, in order to ensure that the university's reach extends as far as possible into the outside world and that the world reaches even further into the university. Everyone should be able to draw on the knowledge that we create at Roskilde University, and we should be able to draw on knowledge from everyone.

We create knowledge and share it with society

Mette Sørensen

New research: Traffic noise increases the risk of dementia

Data from two million Danes show for the first time in the world that there is a link between traffic noise and the development of dementia. The results may give us completely new possibilities to prevent dementia, says noise expert and adjunct professor at Roskilde University, Mette Sørensen.


New research centre will contribute to enhanced pandemic preparedness

A new research centre at Roskilde University, the PandemiX Center, will explore the dynamics and impact of pandemics.

David Budtz, Sine Just, Lisbeth Knudsen

100 mio. DKK for a new research project on data and democracy with RUC professor in charge

Professor Sine Nørholm Just, RUC, will be head of a new research project that will enlighten us on how we as a society and people can live with artificial intelligence and algorithms in a good way.

Nurse in hospital

New research project identifies barriers and potential opportunities for foreigners wishing to integrate into the Danish labour market

Researchers behind the H2020 SIRIUS EU-funded research project point out that there is great potential in efforts to promote labour market integration if the qualifications of migrants - from their home countries - are taken into account to a greater extent.

Biljana Mojsoska

Breakthrough in the search for a new treatment for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis

Chemist Biljana Mojsoska and molecular biologist Håvard Jenssen from Roskilde University have in collaboration with international research colleagues developed and tested new antimicrobial drugs that can be used as an alternative to antibiotics in the fight against the infectious disease tuberculosis. The mycobacteria that triggers tuberculosis develops resistance to more and more known antibiotics.

 Benni Winding Hansen at aquarium

Copepods can disrupt marine fish farming

Several years of intensive research at Roskilde University have documented that copepod larvae have a great potential for being used as a source of food for fish. Now, the research group behind the results are entering into collaboration with a fish farmer in northern Jutland in a large-scale outdoor project that will ensure a stable access to copepods in all seasons. This might make the farming of warm water fish into a sustainable business and can result in the export of Yellowtail Kingfish to sushi restaurants all over Europe.

Asphalt road

Climate-friendly asphalt developed with researchers from Roskilde University will be introduced on all national roads

Should an ongoing pilot project confirm the expected effects and durability of the asphalt, the Danish government will from 2020 introduce climate-friendly asphalt across the entire national road network ready for new surface. The asphalt has been developed since 2011 in two research projects headed by Jeppe Dyre, who is a professor of physics at Roskilde University.

Georg Brandes - Photo: Holger Damgaard

Brandes' magnum opus 'Main Currents' had worldwide repercussions

The magnum opus of Danish literary critic Georg Brandes provoked in Denmark and made an impact far beyond the Danish borders. Professor Lasse Horne Kjældgaard is leading a research project that revitalises 'Main Currents'.

Graphics illustrating cultural encounters

Cultural encounters with Danes of similar age produces better integration

Research from Professor Michelle Pace shows that integration of young refugees in Denmark should consist of more than just language training and access to the labour market. There should also be more informal activities with Danes of a similar age.

Light in a Jordanian room

Light culture

Light is about much more than being able to see. In Denmark, it is also about relaxing, feeling at home and being part of a community. In other places such as Jordan, light plays a completely different role.

RUC background graphic

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