Rubrik #13, 2018


100 years: Knowledge of the Spanish flu enhances our preparedness for future pandemics

Unique Danish data gives Professor Lone Simonsen an insight into how the Spanish Flu occurred 100 years ago. The insight helps to provide an impression of how future pandemics may behave.

Jens Friis 1

"We need to create more value in the encounter with the guests"

The tourism industry in Denmark has to make something extra of the experience you have as a guest. The businesses must focus more on how to create experience value in the encounter between the guest and the businesses, says teaching associate professor Jens Friis Jensen, who researches in service and experience with e.g. Tivoli and the Zoological Gardens as cases.

Troels Schultz Larsen

Flawed ghetto policy focuses on areas rather than people

When politicians and city planners propose solutions to the challenges in the deprived neighbourhoods, they often draw on good experiences from other countries. But this can be problematic if you are unaware of differences between the countries, shows new research from Roskilde University.


Cultural encounters with Danes of similar age produces better integration

Research from Professor Michelle Pace shows that integration of young refugees in Denmark should consist of more than just language training and access to the labour market. There should also be more informal activities with Danes of a similar age.

Camilla Bernild

Relatives risk being overlooked

Relatives in hospitals have been an overlooked group in society. In a new PhD thesis, Camilla Bernild focuses on the role of relatives in the healthcare system.

Kenneth Reinicke

What have we learned from #Metoo?

Even before the #metoo movement began, Associate Professor Kenneth Reinicke from RUC was working on a research project to chart why men violate. The researcher believes that part of the solution could be better sexual education in primary school.