Rubrik #12, 2017

Researcher Bent Greve

Half of today's jobs will disappear in a few years

A possible solution to the challenges of the labour market of the future may be to reduce working hours, says professor and labour market researcher Bent Greve.

Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen

He wants to create the agricultural systems of the future

Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen has a foot in two very different fields when he conducts research in close collaboration with Danish farmers.

Lasse Koefoed

When Islam became visible in public spaces

A lot has happened since the first Muslims came to Denmark in the 1960s. The media coverage of the opening of the new mosques in Copenhagen has been intense and predominantly critical.


Small children have a surprising level of self-awareness

Kindergarten children are good at describing how they feel, and they have a range of techniques to cope with difficult situations. This is the conclusion from new research by child researcher Kim Rasmussen.

Sweatshirts on hangers

Ethiopia is unique in a varied economic landscape in Africa

Ethiopia has particularly good prospects for economic growth in an Africa, where the image is more nuanced than it was previously described, says Associate Professor Lindsay Whitfield.

Ole Helby Petersen

Major differences in the benefits of contracting out

New research shows that it is primarily average size municipalities that reap the effects when public services are contracting out. It’s time to adopt a more nuanced and context-specific approach.

Light in a Jordanian room

Light culture

Light is about much more than being able to see. In Denmark, it is also about relaxing, feeling at home and being part of a community. In other places such as Jordan, light plays a completely different role.