Rubrik #9, 2016

Lotte Jelsbak

Super-salmonella can make us smarter

Associate Professor Lotte Jelsbak has discovered a special variant of salmonella, which may be more dangerous than the common salmonella. It is therefore important to study the new variant.

Johnny Ottesen

Mathematical model can improve depression diagnosis

Mathematical models can be used to develop new methods to diagnose e.g. depression, and the models can provide important information to help develop better forms of treatment.

Iben Aamann

The middle of the middle-class fights for social reputation through healthy food

While parents in the upper part of the middle class are better at seeing beyond the norm of living healthily, parents in the middle of the middle-class struggle most to maintain and defend their reputations by providing healthy and nutritious food for social events at their children's schools.

Anne Brus

Replik: Computer game addiction - What is the problem?

Young people's passionate use of computer games creates worries about addiction, but the thought of computer games as a possible mental disorder stigmatizes people, and must be understood in other ways.