Introduction to the programme

Learn to plan and produce communication in transnational contexts

Communication Studies is a subject which you will study as a part of your bachelor programme at Roskilde University.

The bachelor subject in Communication Studies is a set package of activities that form a coherent study progression to acquire fundamental skills in planned communication from a production perspective. Studying the whole communication circuits, from senders to message to audiences, we take into account the social, cultural and technological contexts that both constrain and enable communicative processes.

You learn to:

  • Identify relevant communication problems
  • Devise a communication plan
  • Produce a communication product, i.e. a social media video
  • Address and understand different approaches to audience target groups

Working with the planning of communication in transnational contexts, you can draw on theories from topics such as international communication, globalization, international relations, media, culture, identity, knowledge sharing, or organizations from an international perspective.

All teaching and project writing is conducted in English.

Daily life while studying

Communication has about 1,200 students and an active study environment, with students who spend much of their time at RUC. You have access to technical equipment, such as video editing equipment, image processing and layout programs, as well as a recording studio for e.g. radio production. Digital cameras, video cameras, tape recorders etc. can be borrowed and taken home. We are based in a large modern building with good facilities and a large cinema which, in addition to screening films, is also used for lectures and screenings of the students’ productions. 

Most teaching takes place in small classes, where the teachers have plenty of time for each student. You will participate in two intensive workshop programmes, where you will engage in the practical work of creating a media production that will eventually be shown at our "showtime".

Moreover, there are often guest lectures, where experts from Denmark and abroad talk about the latest research in the field of communications. 

The teams appoint a party and café committee each term, which is then responsible for organizing social events for the subject.

From bachelor to master

A bachelor's degree from Roskilde University will provide access to study a master's programme. Depending on which subject(s) you choose as a part of your bachelor's programme, your degree will provide access to one or more of Roskilde University's master's programmes.