Introduction to the programme

Learn the economic approach to business studies by focusing on finances, organisation, and sales.

Business Studies is a subject which you will study as a part of your bachelor programme at Roskilde University.

All modern companies must navigate in an increasingly complex world, meeting shifting societal demands while thriving as a business. This requires a sharp eye for business economics, analysing relevant ways to keep a company financially sound. This is what we work with in Business Studies. 

At the bachelor subject Business Studies, you will learn to analyse companies using key theories and methods within business economics, focusing on a company’s finances, organisation, and sales. We will teach you interdisciplinary approaches to financial, organisational, and managerial aspects of companies and corporate processes. You will work with subjects like organisational theories, accounting analyses, business strategies and marketing management, both B2C and B2B. 

Throughout this study programme, you will learn to carry out business analyses, using both qualitative and quantitative methods based in social science and business economics. You will train your ability to grasp complex problems, collect and process relevant information, and draw up accurate conclusions and analyses in all aspects of business administration. 

Through your project work, you can pursue your own interests in the field and build your first contacts in the business world, as many of our students collaborate with organisations and businesses, using real cases as the basis of their project.

All teaching and project writing is conducted in English.

Daily life while studying

At Business Studies, you'll encounter a lively social environment where a good coffee chat or an academic debate is never far away. You'll get to know your fellow students well, partly through project work and partly through seminars and lectures, where you'll also mingle with students from Business Administration. 

We emphasise active student participation in classes, and you'll have plenty of chances to focus on topics that interest you and discuss them with other students. You'll encounter instructors with diverse academic backgrounds, and we're always ready to help and answer questions.

Throughout the year, our dedicated students organise company visits and lectures, often followed by café visits and social gatherings. The events committee also arranges a variety of parties, and of course, there's the Friday bar, where you can count on meeting more of your fellow students.

From bachelor to master

A bachelor's degree from Roskilde University will provide access to study a master's programme. Depending on which subject(s) you choose as a part of your bachelor's programme, your degree will provide access to one or more of Roskilde University's master's programmes.