Introduction to the programme

Business economics approach to business studies, including relevant aspects of a company's finances, organisation and sales

Business Studies is a subject which you will study as a part of your bachelor programme at Roskilde University.

The aim of the bachelor subject Business Studies is to provide the student with insight into important issues in business economics. This is primarily achieved through studies grounded in theory and analysis.

Business Studies acquire insight into business economics approaches to business studies, including relevant aspects of a company's finances, organisation and sales. The purpose of the study programme is to: 

  • enable you to apply aspects of key business economics theories and methods in company analyses. You will develop and substantiate knowledge of company processes and business economics issues
  • give you an understanding of interdisciplinary approaches, including financial, organisational and managerial aspects of companies and processes in the corporate field
  • develop your ability to grasp complex problems, collect and process relevant information, and draw up accurate conclusions and analyses in aspects of business administration

Daily life while studying

Business Studies offers good possibilities to help shape your own social environment, and there are plenty of opportunities to get to know people - partly through project work and partly at theme seminars. Theme seminars are based on each student's active participation, and they offer you the opportunity to gain an insight into the areas that you find most interesting, and to discuss them with other students.

A specialized committee of students organizes company visits and lectures, which are often followed by visits to cafés and social interaction. The party committee arranges a number of parties throughout the year.

From bachelor to master

A bachelor's degree from Roskilde University will provide access to study a master's programme. Depending on which subject(s) you choose as a part of your bachelor's programme, your degree will provide access to one or more of Roskilde University's master's programmes.