Introduction to the programme

Study cultural identities, cultural encounters and issues related to differences in language and culture through an international, cross-cultural and global perspective

Cultural Encounters is a subject which you will study as a part of your bachelor programme at Roskilde University

The bachelor subject Cultural Encounters focuses on the study of cultural identities, experiences and expressions as they appear and come into being and have consequences in cultural encounters within various local and global contexts.

It is particularly concerned with studying the problems and processes that arise in the encounter between different identities, experiences and understandings. As such the study programme reflects a cultural interface resulting from the intensified processes of globalisation and internationalisation.

The language dimension is included as a central aspect of understanding and analyzing the cultural encounter which means that you will be working with language and discourse in the broadest sense, learning to analyze culture as processes of meaning that can be identified in not only texts such as literature and online internet chats, but also movies, art and digital photos. The study of cultural encounters in this way implies the study of how language does not simply mirror society, but plays a constitutive role in the social practice by structuring experiences of reality, identities, ideologies and politics.

You will develop your competences in cultural understanding and learn to analyze and constructively engage with problems relating to cultural encounters and diversity.

All teaching and project writing is conducted in English.

From bachelor to master

A bachelor's degree from Roskilde University will provide access to study a master's programme. Depending on which subject(s) you choose as a part of your bachelor's programme, your degree will provide access to one or more of Roskilde University's master's programmes.