Introduction to the programme

Software development and construction of IT systems

Computer Science is a subject which you will study as a part of your bachelor programme at Roskilde University.

The bachelor subject Computer Science is about software development and the design of IT systems. You will learn to plan, analyse, implement, test and document a programming assignment. You will not only become a programmer, you will also learn to reflect on and participate in a development project from start to finish: from planning and coding to testing in practice and evaluation.

The subject Computer Science will equip you with a theoretical and methodological insight into the core aspects of computer science, and you will learn to incorporate theory and method into your practical work. You will acquire the basic, practical skills necessary for programming, structuring information and developing elegant solutions. You will learn how to progress from product description to action plan, how a problem should be approached in order to find the appropriate solution, and how to test the completed IT system.

All teaching and project writing is conducted in English.

Your everyday study life

Computer Science has a small, cozy and closely connected study environment. You can expect to go through the study together with the students starting the education at the same time as you do, but you will also meet new people at elective courses and through social activities across the study years.

All teaching in Computer Science is carried out by a regular staff of teachers and takes place in the same building. The department's lecturers and professors have offices close to your classrooms and they run an "open door" policy that makes it easy to get in touch with your teachers - whether it's about a challenging academic problem or for a cozy chat. During your education you will become part of the daily life of the department.

From bachelor to master

With a bachelor's degree from Roskilde University, you will have access to study at a number of master's degree programmes. Please note that the current master's programmes at Roskilde University offer admission for the last time this year. The application deadline is the 1st of March 2021.

From 2022, Roskilde University will offer 14 new international master's programmes that replace the current ones. Already now you can see the master's programmes which Roskilde University will offer from 2022.

Academic Staff

Academic Staff at Computer Science