Introduction to the programme

Chemistry in a green way combining chemical knowledge and advanced methods

Chemistry is a subject which you will study as a part of your bachelor programme at Roskilde University.

The bachelor subject chemistry and the chemistry research at Roskilde University aim at doing chemistry in a green way.  This means studies in second generation bioethanol, optimization of solar cells, synthesis of new bioactive compounds, synthesis of new and useful natural products, clever use of surface active compounds and development of biosensors.  The common theme is to combine chemical knowledge, to collaborate and to use advanced methods in a green fashion.

The chemistry student at Roskilde University participates in research from day one. The projects are designed to solve problems relevant to the student and  to society.  A basic requirement for research is the ability to see new perspectives, to identify problems and inconsistencies and to find new and better solutions.
A common interest in learning and in research ensures a good relation between students and teachers.

All teaching and project writing is conducted in English.

Daily life while studying

The teaching is conducted in small groups and the courses are comprised of sessions lasting 2-4-hours each. Each session is a mix of lectures, class discussion, student presentations and reviews of case studies and assignments. Some sessions take place only in the laboratory.

A "project exchange” process is carried out at the beginning of each term, where project groups are formed, who then work together for the rest of the semester. The project and reading groups are an important part of the social study environment. These groups are not only together during the daytime - many of them organise cosy dinners etc. and go on working weekends. On Fridays, it is a cherished tradition to meet in the "Kemobar" for social gatherings.

From bachelor to master

A bachelor's degree from Roskilde University will provide access to study a master's programme. Depending on which subject(s) you choose as a part of your bachelor's programme, your degree will provide access to one or more of Roskilde University's master's programmes.