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Do you want to work in leadership?

At the master programme Business Administration and Leadership you will study business organisation and leadership at the highest academic level. The programme offers theoretical aspects of management, innovation, strategy, the firm’s resources and value creation as well as corporate relations, responsibility and business legitimacy. The programme offers practical management models as well.

The programme qualifies you for employment in a wide range of private, public and other types of organisations. You will typically be employed as an analyst, consultant or project manager and you may become manager at all levels. Other functions may include consultant in business and professional associations, project manager or consultant in the consultancy industry. In addition, the programme provides tools for establishing and managing your own business.


The programme gives you a wide range of job opportunities in the public or private sector as well as non-governmental organisations e.g.:

•    Analyst, project manager or consultant within innovation, strategy, personnel, management
•    Leaders at all levels
•    Self-employed entrepreneur or freelance consultant

This degree qualifies you for a PhD.

Din hverdag på studiet

We are located in building  25 and 26, were we have good teaching facilities, kitchen areas and common areas. The buildings are located close to the student house, where social activities are often arranged, as well as close to the library, which provides a quiet and nice place to study. As a student at the master’s programme Business Administration and Leadership you will be able to influence both the professional and the social environment. Students are encouraged to form committees to arrange company visits and lectures and to arrange social acitivites as well.


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Fakta om uddannelsen

Kandidatgrad: Cand.merc. / Master of Science (MSc) in Economics and Business Administration.

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