Introduction to the programme

Do you want to help strengthen modern business leadership?
Master's programme in Business Administration and Leadership - what is it about?

All modern companies must navigate in an increasingly complex managerial and organisational field. At the Master’s programme in Business Administration and Leadership, we build the foundation for good company leadership.

In this interdisciplinary programme, you will be working with leadership, management and organisation in companies in a modern context. You will gain in-depth knowledge of relevant scientific theories and methods in the field of business leadership and management, including companies’ strategy, organisation, management, economics, innovation, and value creation. Throughout the programme, we have an integrated focus on business ethics and sustainability perspectives. We acknowledge the situational and relational perspective of leadership and organisational challenges and train you to critically reflect on the variety of complex dilemmas, that companies might find themselves in.

You will join an international study environment, with both students and faculty from all over the world. If you join us from abroad, you will get to know many Danish students through courses taught jointly (in English) between the international and Danish business programme. Through the programme, you will meet different companies and work with their challenges, both through projects, field trips and panel debates with external experts and leaders. As all student programmes at Roskilde University, we work extensively through problem-oriented projects, usually in groups. Regardless of your background, you will be challenged to broaden your perspective and learn new skills.

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As a graduate in Business Administration and Leadership you have a wide range of job opportunities, for example in organisational and leadership development, HRM, innovation, change management, CSR, business analysis, project management, finance, accounting, marketing, communication, and business consulting. You can find work at the management levels of both private and public companies, in analytical institutions documenting business developments, and in public authorities regulating business and enterprise issues. The programme qualifies you to enter a PhD-programme.

Facts about the programme

Degree: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

Teaching language: English