Intro til uddannelsen

International Bachelor in Humanities gives you an international and interdisciplinary approach to the study of the humanities

By drawing on the disciplines of philosophy, cultural studies, development studies, communication studies, media studies, linguistics, literary studies, history, educational studies and psychology, you will explore human experiences as they have emerged as ideas and desires as well as material representations, always approaching these with a critical spirit aimed at furthering our understanding of the world. 

Much of our understanding of the humanities has been shaped by the role of the nation in defining how we live and understand the world. The Global Humanities Programme explores this but also examine shifting boundaries, hybrid identities and new cultural formations that are emerging as ‘global encounters’ intensify.

The subsequent three-semesters of the bachelor phase will be based in the subject areas Communication Studies, Cultural Encounters and Psychology. You can also combine these subjects with areas from the social sciences; namely International Studies or Business Studies giving you the opportunity to relate your humanities training to broader themes in international relations and business.

Fra bachelor til master

De to fag du vælger som bachelor, kan du læse videre på vores kandidatuddannelser. Din bacheloruddannelse giver også adgang til andre af vores kandidatuddannelser.