Intro til uddannelsen

Verden forandrer sig - det gør uddannelser også. RUC har lanceret nye kandidatuddannelser - International Politics and Governance er én af dem.

International Politics and Governance provides insight into the formation, execution, and management of contemporary politics and governance, particularly where problems, decisions, and solutions cross sectors, national borders, or administrative levels. The purpose of the programme is to educate social science graduates who can perform professionally in international organisations and in organisations operating at both international and domestic levels.  

The programme gives you insight into international, European, and interregional politics and governance in and around international organisations (e.g. EU, WTO, NATO, EEA), ministries and government agencies, as well as in other public and private organisations.

As a student at International Politics and Governance you will acquire the skills needed to understand, interpret, and independently conduct analyses related to international politics and governance, e.g. regarding contemporary policy challenges within health and food, environment, climate adaptation, trade, digitalisation, foreign and security policy, and more. 


The programme qualifies graduates for work in international organisations, in diplomatic representations, chambers of commerce, interest organisations, financial institutions, think-tanks, public relations firms, ministries, government agencies, regional and local government, and more.

Fakta om uddannelsen

Kandidatgrad: Cand.soc. i International Politik og Governance / Master of Science in Social Sciences in International Politics and Governance

Undervisningssprog: Engelsk

Studiestart: Første studiestart september 2022