Introduction to the programme

Problems do not respect borders. Nor should solutions. Study International Politics and Governance – a master's programme at Roskilde University
Master's programme in International Politics and Governance - what is it about?


Climate change, security concerns, online disinformation, public health matters - examples are abundant of societal challenges disrespecting national borders and administrative levels. Effective solutions involve international institutions and politics, national as well as local interests and capacities. Agreeing on solutions is both difficult and insufficient and policymakers and other leaders must pay attention to execution, implementation, and evaluation. In short, the world needs experts with skills to operate effectively in the intersection between international politics and public administration. As a student of International Politics and Governance at Roskilde University you become that expert.

Your studies are transdisciplinary and draw on international politics, economics, law, public policy, administration, and management. The transdisciplinary approach enables you to navigate the landscape of international affairs and organisations, to understand the economic dimension of policy issues and their solutions, and to become aware of how international agreements, institutions, and regulation work as concrete tools for both policy and politics. The programme allows you to specialise and shape your own academic and professional profile. A number of courses are elective and in project work you and your teammates formulate the research question you will investigate and decide how you will go about doing it.

Studying International Politics and Governance you become part of a vibrant international environment. You have easy access to faculty and other types of support in setting up an academic or social event. Student engagement is important for the learning outcome, and we encourage you to get actively involved in you study environment. In addition to being friends, your fellow students are the first links in your professional network.

Study Environment

Much of your student life takes place on campus in Roskilde where you meet for classes and for project work. Your course work requires participation in discussions, exercises, excursions etc. We encourage that you prepare for class in groups. The project work is conducted in teams. You will need to use the beautiful library and you may book a room for team meetings, writing sessions, and supervision. Regularly there are academic events such as presentations or panel discussions.


The labour market for experts in border-crossing societal problems and solutions is very diverse. Employers may be private production companies, consultancies, international organisations, national authorities, think tanks, and more. Job titles could be:    

  • Communications and international affairs (UN organisation)
  • EU and UN negotiator (ministry)
  • Data Analyst (private company)
  • Tender and contract manager (private company)
  • Global market advisor (interest organization)
  • Policy advisor (ministry)
  • International Project Coordinator (NGO)
  • Management consultant (consultancy company)


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Facts about the programme

Degree: Master of Science in Social Sciences in International Politics and Governance

Teaching language: English

Study start: First study start September 2022