Intro til uddannelsen

Do you want to work with design and construction of IT solutions?
Kandidatuddannelse i Computer Science  - hvad er det?

Even before you get up in the morning, you have been in contact with many IT systems, so it almost goes without saying that the world - both now and in the future - needs people who can develop complex IT systems that are both reliable, user-friendly and resilient. The master's programme Computer Science is practice-oriented and focuses on providing the graduate with competences to the development of complex IT systems that are reliable, user-friendly, and long-lasting.

We aim to anchor software development in realistic settings and with actual and current technologies, state-of-the-art methods and techniques to analyze and construct complex IT systems. This is where we differ from other similar studies - we focus on applied Computer Science, and as a student you’ll obtain the ability to create entire IT systems from scratch.

IT systems are and will be a necessary part of our everyday lives and influence people in all areas. Understanding their context and their issues problems define the success criteria for the solution, hence interdisciplinarity is a basic prerequisite for being able to work with applied computer science.

As a student, you will gain skills in the application of software architecture and design principles for the development of complex IT systems. Learn how to document solutions and critically reflect both system structure and the context in which solutions must operate. Obtain insight into the complexity of algorithms for efficient and scalable solutions and usage of  agile development methods for the development of complex IT systems, from idea to systems in production.

The programme  provides opportunities for you to specialise in a range of areas including algorithms, programming frameworks, complex IT systems, data science, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, internet of things, robotics, and virtual technologies

Karriere og kompetencer

When you graduate you will be able to:

  • Construct complex IT solutions individually and in software development teams
  • Organize, manage and implement complex IT projects
  • Acquire new knowledge about new technologies and their application possibilities
  • Initiate and complete IT solutions that require interdisciplinary collaboration and take on professional areas of responsibility

Examples of job titles are software developer, technical consultant, project manager, software engineer, software architect, and software designer.

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