Introduction to the programme

Do you want to work with design and construction of IT solutions?
Master's programme in Computer science - what is it about?

The goal of the education in Computer Science is to educate graduates who can contribute to the development of complex IT systems that are reliable, user-friendly and long-lasting. The focus of the education is to anchor software development in realistic settings and applications. The programme is practice-oriented and builds a bridge between software construction and design of IT solutions for users and with users. 

As a student, you will gain skills in the use of agile development methods for the development of complex IT systems, from idea to systems in production. You will also gain insight into the complexity of algorithms for efficient and scalable solutions, as well as knowledge of the application of software architecture and design principles to create systems that are easier to test, expand and maintain. The education offers opportunities to specialize in new developments in computer science such as artificial intelligence, big data, data science, and physical computing. 


Computer Science qualifies you for work throughout the IT sector, both public and private, for instance, in consulting houses, larger organizations in need of internal development, R&D departments, and development and research departments at large IT companies. As a graduate, you can handle work functions within software development, technical consulting, project management and other job functions that require an education as a computer scientist. 

Facts about the programme

Degree: Master of Science in Computer Science

Teaching language: English

Study start: First study start September 2022