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Do you want to drive sustainable social change from within social enterprises? Then join our Master’s programme in Social Entrepreneurship and Management, where you will learn to develop and manage socially innovative organisations and projects.
Master's programme in Social Entrepreneurship and Management - what is it about?

Many modern organisations have the explicit goal to change the world for the better, socially, financially, and environmentally – and to reach that goal, they need to function as professional businesses, driving the change process effectively.  The Social Entrepreneurship and Management programme teaches you to navigate these dualities and lead social innovation processes.

Faglig profil

This programme is the only one of its kind in Denmark, and one of very few in Europe: A full-time academic programme focusing exclusively on social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and management. Our focus is to equip you to lead social innovation and entrepreneurship processes in socio-economic enterprises, public, private, and civil society organisations, all of which aim to address societal issues arising from globalisation and changes in welfare systems. Such challenges can be related to for example unemployment, social inequality, green producing as well as various social and sustainability issues, calling new democratic and socially responsible forms of organising.

As a student, you will learn how socially innovative organisations operate and how they can be managed. We take you through the different theoretical traditions and definitions of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, as well as different models and techniques for business development to about social enterprise. You will learn to manage complex and multi-stakeholder work situations and to plan processes and strategies on issues like the social economy, new forms of economic organising, Corporate Social Responsibility, co-production processes and democratic forms of organising and sustainability-related initiatives. Drawing on perspectives from both the social sciences and organisational management, we give you unique training in creating real social change and impact from within social enterprises.

We work extensively through problem-oriented group projects, where you will train in applying theories, using complex analytical tools, and communicating your results. During your time with us, you will often work closely with actual organisations and companies, for instance through our Innovation Labs, where you analyse and offer solutions to real-life problems in the sector. You can also choose to do an internship.

Din hverdag på studiet

This programme attracts students from all over the world, many highly experienced in social and volunteer work, and all driven by a desire to create meaningful change. This makes for a truly international study environment, where upwards of 25 nationalities come together to analyse and discuss some of the “wicked problems” of our time. Roskilde University has a strong tradition of international programmes, so if you are joining us from abroad, you will be welcomed with several social and academic events that, helping you to find your place in our community.

You will meet academic researchers with many different backgrounds and interests, from business and management over civic society to social design. Our unique environment is further powered by our extensive collaboration with purpose-driven external partners, be they companies, organisations, or foundations. You will have a wide array of choices in collaborators, based on your professional interests – and regardless of your background, you will be challenged to broaden your perspective and learn new skills.

Karriere og kompetencer

Our candidates go on to manage and lead social innovation processes in private companies, public authorities, and organisations in the third sector at the national and international levels. Job titles include analyst, consultant, specialist, manager, and personnel manager, working with issues such as social impact, CSR, sustainability, business development, fundraising, volunteer management and project management. The programme qualifies you to enter a PhD-programme.

Examples of employment include:

  • Project Manager at Den Sociale Kapitalfond, working with social investments
  • Project Consultant at The Danish Refugee Council, managing volunteer communities
  • Managing Director at Impact Hub Munich, developing co-working spaces in Munich
  • Community and Office Manager in Maker, establishing fablab UnderBroen in Copenhagen
  • Strategy and documentation consultant in public sector organisations

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