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Do you want to solve environmental problems on a national and global scale?
Master's programme in Environmental Science - what is it about?

This programme is relevant for you if you have an interest in understanding nature and the extent of environmental problems, and if you want to apply your knowledge and skills to analyse, understand and solve current and future environmental problems on a regional, national and global scale. 

You will learn about the natural foundation of environmental issues, and how they are mediated through societal factors, and you will be able to evaluate and test causes and effects of various management initiatives on the environment.  

As a student, you will learn to design and conduct relevant experiments and analyses, and to gather, understand, and operationalise environment-related knowledge in solving socially critical challenges in an interdisciplinary context. 

Environmental Science also teaches you about biological systems at all levels (from sub-cellular to ecosystems), and you will learn to test and manage the interaction between organisms and their environments. 

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As a graduate of Environmental Science, you can find employment with public environmental authorities at local, regional, national, and international levels, as well as with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), working within this field.  

You will also be attractive to private companies offering advisory, analysis and consulting services in the environmental field, as well as to industries dealing with the use of natural resources. 

Fakta om uddannelsen

Kandidatgrad: Cand.scient. i Miljøvidenskab / Master of Science in Environmental Science

Undervisningssprog: Engelsk