Intro til uddannelsen

Do you want to work with chemistry in biological systems or the chemistry of biological systems?
Master's programme in Chemical Biology - what is it about?

During your studies you will develop theoretical and practical skills for resolving research questions, using concepts, reasoning and methods characteristic of chemistry and biology, and learn to present such results at a scientific level.  

Through problem-oriented project work, -internship or the master thesis, you will acquire the competences to solve complex problems. Your project work and master thesis work present opportunities for applying and developing chemical and molecular biological models and methods to critically examine their validity.

Din hverdag på studiet

You will become part of the study- and research environment in Chemistry and Biology at the Department of Science and Environment. In addition to the formal educational activities, you will be invited to academic seminars, and events such as the Natcafé and boardgames nights organised by students. The teaching consists of 50 % courses (lectures, seminars, experimental exercises) and 50 % project work (Master thesis, internship, project writing or Master thesis), where you and your fellow students work closely together with researchers on actual research problems. With several experimental courses and the experimental Master thesis you and your fellow students will spend many hours together with the researchers and laboratory technicians.

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This programme gives you the foundation for a career as a chemist, with a unique skill set that enables you to work seamlessly in and between chemical and biological laboratory settings. This includes chemical synthesis and analysis, together with biological and biotech environments, such as working towards the development of medicines and medicinal technologies, conducting assays, biophysical characterisation, etc. These are coveted skills and competences within research and development or quality control in biological, biotech or pharmaceutical environments in the public or private sector. 


Fakta om uddannelsen

Kandidattitel: Cand.scient. i Kemisk Biologi / Master of Science in Chemical Biology

Undervisningssprog: Engelsk