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FNs 17 verdensmål

Sommerskole: Framing solutions and drivers for change?

The summer school "Framing solutions and drivers for change? - An interdisciplinary summer course about the UN Sustainable Development Goals in research and practice” enables you to acquire research-based knowledge about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the practical application of the framework and mechanisms for monitoring progress and impact. This summer school will take place from 17 - 28 August 2020.

Austerity Measures

Sommerskole: Repoliticising Capitalism - contradictions, critique and alternatives

The Summer School "Repoliticising Capitalism" will widen your horizon for critical thinking and methodological reflection. The Summer School will take place from 27 July - 10 August 2020.

Sommerskole: Liveable cities

The summer school "Livable cities" introduces different critical perspectives on what makes cities ‘liveable’ and through various themes, we explore specific efforts to improve urban conditions as well as layout the challenges involved.

Magt, medier og politisk kommunikation

Sommerskole: Magt, medier og politisk kommunikation

Sommerskolen "Magt, medier og politisk kommunikation giver dig indsigt i politisk kommunikation og konsekvenserne for magt, styring, demokrati, social- og politisk identitet. Sommerskolen afholdes 10. august til 21. august 2020.

Finger peger på tavle med struktur

Sommerskole: Projektledelse

Sommerskolen "Projektledelse" giver dig indsigt og værktøjer til at kunne arbejde med projektledelse i offentlige organisationer. Kurset afholdes i perioden 20. august - 31. august 2020.