PandemiX Centers forskningsprojekter

Centrets projekter

PandemiX Centret deltager i en række forskningsprojekter, som er både internt og eksternt finansieret, ligesom centrets forskere deltager i projekter i samarbejde med andre forskningsinstitutioner i Danmark og udlandet. Blandt projekterne er:

PandemiX: A Quantitative study of historical and contemporary pandemics

With this research project we want to construct a comprehensive theory to explain how and why emerging epidemic diseases come and go, take off or disappear, and eventually melt into the larger pool of recurrent epidemic diseases. In doing so, we aim to reveal important insights into the major diseases that shaped human society and—crucially—help to prepare for future pandemic threats: the next Disease X.

NORDEMICS: Pathogens, Pandemics and the Development of Nordic Societies

This project aimes to create a Nordic interdisciplinary consortium dedicated to understanding how factors such as urbanization, increased trade and travel, large-scale migration, vaccines and other public health interventions, climate change and ecological degradation influence the dynamics of epidemic and pandemic infections in human populations. The consortium will systematically study historical health data to understand the patterns of spread and health impact of such diseases in the Nordic countries over the last 300 years.

The Great Leap. Multidisciplinary approaches to health inequalities, 1800-2022

To this day and age, deep-routed, structural inequalities in health have been one of the most consistent and pressing challenges society has faced. Recent events, such as the COVID19 pandemic highlight the urgent need for new research, insights and action to tackle this challenge for future generations. Embracing the COST Mission, the Great Leap takes a unique, multidisciplinary approach from a historical perspective to gain a greater understanding of the roots and drivers of health inequalities across regions and countries in Europe and beyond. 

PandemiX Pathology Collections Webpage

PandemiX Pathology Collections Webpage er et tværfagligt projekt, der har til formål at skabe et centralt onlinekatalog, der viser sjældne og mangfoldige historiske patologiprøver fra forskellige europæiske institutioner. Ved at digitalisere og bevare disse uvurderlige samlinger søger dette projekt at fremhæve deres enorme videnskabelige og historiske betydning og sikre, at den viden, de indeholder, ikke går tabt.