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New book from CAE

Lindsay Whitfield, Professor (MSO) in Global Studies at Roskilde University and leader of the Center of African Economies, has a new book Economies after Colonialism: Ghana and the struggle for power, with Cambridge University Press.
CAE book Ghana - Economies after Colonialism


Despite Ghana's strong democratic track record in recent decades, the economy remains underdeveloped. Industrial policies are necessary to transform the colonial trading economy that Ghana inherited at independence, but successive governments have been unwilling or unable to implement them.

In this highly original interpretation, supported by new empirical material, Lindsay Whitfield explains why the track record of Ghanaian governments with industrial policy has been so poor. Drawing on political settlements theory, the book offers a new way of thinking about the political economy of Africa. It charts a path away from defining Africa in terms of neopatrimonial politics by providing different conceptual tools for understanding what kind of business-state relations are necessary to drive economic development.

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