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Mathematics, software development, theoretical computer science and data modelling.

Mathematical Computer Modelling blends Mathematics and Computer science to a unique education at master level, expanding and consolidating your skills and competencies within mathematics, software development, theoretical computer science and data modelling.

Through the courses you will obtain the theoretical frame work for formalizing and solving problems using concepts reasoning and methods from both fields. And through Roskilde University's unique problem oriented project work you will both expand your theoretical knowledge and obtain engaging hands-on experience and practical skills in applying your theoretical knowledge to solve complex problems.

The focus of the master program is on providing you with the competencies to plan and govern a system development project including software, where mathematical modelling and methods are central along with algorithm formal logic, formal languages and computability. Alongside you will obtain competencies to present your work on a scientific level and to independently apply your academic qualifications in complex contexts.


The aim of the program is to qualify you for positions in the future labour market for data scientists, it-developers, consultants, programmers, it-arkitects, business developers and project mangers, for instance in connection with specialized technical software within professions using exact and quantitive methods such as the IT-, telecommuni-cation-, elektronics-, medico and financial industri.

The master programme qualifies graduates to start on a PhD programme.


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Kandidatgrad: Cand.scient. i Matematik og Datalogi  / Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics and Computer Science

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