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In 2021, RUC will offer master's programmes consisting of two subjects, as well as a few single subject programmes with elements from other subjects.
In relation to master's programmes with two subjects, the first subject will be the starting point for your thesis.

In 2022, all master's programmes will be replaced by new interdisciplinary programmes.

    All subjects

  • Business Administration and Leadership offers theoretical aspects of management, as well as practical management models. You will study Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, including the ethical and legal aspects of management and the complex public relations of modern businesses. View all master programmes with Business Administration and Leadership (int)
  • Business Studies provides you with insight into important issues in business economics. This is primarily achieved through studies grounded in theory and analysis. View all master programmes with Business Studies (int)
  • The chemistry studies and the chemistry research at Roskilde University aim at doing chemistry in a green way. This means studies in second generation bioethanol, optimization of solar cells, synthesis of new bioactive compounds, synthesis of new and useful natural products, clever use of surface active compounds and development of biosensors. View all master programmes with Chemistry (int)
  • In Communication Studies you learn to Identify relevant communication problems, devise a communication plan, produce a communication product and address different approaches to audience target groups. View all master programmes with Communication Studies (int)
  • The main focus of Computer Science is on software development and the design of IT systems. You will learn to plan, analyse, implement, test and document a programming assignment. View all master programmes with Computer Science (int)
  • Cultural Encounters focuses on the study of cultural identities and symbolic representational and interpretational forms through an international, cross-cultural and global perspective. It is particularly concerned with problems related to processes where cultural identities and representations interact and are exchanged. View all master programmes with Cultural Encounters (int)
  • Environmental Biology focuses on the interaction between living animals, plants and micro-organisms and their physical, chemical and biological environment. View all master programmes with Environmental Biology (int)
  • Environmental Risk is an interdisciplinary approach to understand and assess complex environmental issues. The subject covers evaluation of environmental risks in connection with natural disasters. You acquire the skills necessary to professionally implement environmental legislation and regulatory programmes and to provide in depth advice to future environmental regulation. View all master programmes with Environmental Risk (int)
  • Global Studies gives you an advanced theoretical knowledge about the social, political, economic and cultural processes associated with globalisation View all master programmes with Global Studies (int)
  • Informatics deals with design and implementation of IT applications. Informatics gives you the skills to understand the possibilities and limitations attached to the implementation and application of IT in terms of public administration, private companies, the health sector, education or cooperation relations in a company. View all master programmes with Informatics (int)
  • International Development Studies (IDS) draws on political science and economy, cultural and area studies, anthropology, geography and ecology to study development in the Global South. IDS enhances knowledge about global development challenges such as poverty, health, conflict, security and environmental degradation and equips you with interdisciplinary problem-solving skills. View all master programmes with International Development Studies (int)
  • International Public Administration and Politics provides you with solid knowledge and insight into how public policy is made and implemented at multiple territorial levels. The focus is on the interplay between politics and public administration and the interaction between different levels of governance in policy making.
    View all master programmes with International Public Administration and Politics (int)
  • Specialise in mathematical modeling of health and disease developments, ecology, or mathematical methods in the area of bioscience. View all master programmes with Mathematical Bioscience (int)
  • Mathematical Computer Modelling blends Mathematics and Computer science to a unique education at master level, expanding and consolidating your skills and competencies within mathematics, software development, theoretical computer science and data modelling. View all master programmes with Mathematical Computer Modelling (int)
  • Mathematical Physical Modelling unites the abstraction of mathematics with the concrete approach to the world of physics. You are introduced to both subjects' foundational disciplines and ways of thinking and learn how to develop and work with mathematical models. View all master programmes with Mathematical Physical Modelling (int)
  • Molecular Biology is the part of biology that concerns itself with macromolecules’ properties and interactions, and examines the function of genes and the function of the proteins that are formed. You will acquire a solid understanding of the key theories of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and microbiology. View all master programmes with Molecular Biology (int)
  • At Nordic Urban Planning Studies you will learn to work with international challenges in urban planning, find solutions through Nordic urban development practices and get a chance to study across the three universities in Roskilde (Denmark), Malmö (Sweden) and Tromsø (The Arctic University of Norway). View all master programmes with Nordic Urban Planning Studies (int)
  • Physics takes you through the disciplines of physics, including electrodynamics, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics. You will learn to structure and formalize physical problems and you will acquire the necessary skills to analyse the world with the approach and intuition of a physicist. View all master programmes with Physics (int)
  • Social entrepreneurs create social innovation with a view to solving societal problems and develop social value across traditional sectors and professions. Social Entrepreneurship and Management will give you skills to initiate and manage social innovation processes, drawing upon areas such as sociology, organization leadership and governance, social innovation, CSR and social accounting. View all master programmes with Social Entrepreneurship and Management (int)
  • Spatial Designs and Society engages with consumption, designed places and design processes from a societal perspective. The subject focuses on relationships between people, objects and places paying particular attention to peoples’ diverse practical and symbolic relationships to design and designed sites. View all master programmes with Spatial Designs and Society (int)