Introduction to the programme

Would you like to work with the political and social global challenges of today?

European Master in Global Studies (EMGS) is a 2-year Erasmus Mundus master's programme offered in a collaboration between six universities. You will study one year at two of the participating universities.

Roskilde University offers an interdisciplinary understanding of the political, social and economic processes and consequences of globalisation. This enable students to conduct both comprehensive and specialised analyses in the field of Global Studies. Graduates acquire advanced theoretical and methodological knowledge of the interplay between international politics, international political economy and international social transformations.

Students deal with issues such as: why does global popular mobilisation have such a limited impact on the formation of an international climate regime? How does growing great power rivalry impact patterns of Western military interventions in the Global South? Are tensions in trade relations between Europe, USA and China leading to de-globalisation?


EMGS is a 2-year Erasmus Mundus master’s programme offered in collaboration with London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Universität Leipzig, Universität Wien, Universytet WroclawskiUniversiteit Gent and Roskilde Universitet. The programme consists of one year of studies at two of the participating universities.

Study environment

Courses and project work constitute the core study activities. Courses comprise 20-35 students which is conducive for interactive teaching. Project work in small groups (3-5 members) frames a substantial part of the life of students and allows for intense academic exchanges with supervisors. EMGS students in addition meet regularly at dedicated seminars and gather with their peers from other participating universities at both a summer and a winter school.

Former students talk about their time of study at the EMGS website: Meet Gvantsa, Franziska og Irene.


The programme gives you a wide range of job opportunities in the public or private sector within:

  • NGO’s
  • Consultancies
  • Government ministries and regional and international organisations

Upon graduation you are qualified to enter a PhD programme.

The objective of Global Studies is to produce graduates with an interdisciplinary understanding of the political, social and economic processes and consequences of globalisation. On this foundation, graduates can fill business positions which require in-depth insight into international political control, international development, global social change, European integration and transnational economic dynamics. Graduates will also be capable of occupying positions which require a thorough understanding of the interplay between Danish societal conditions and international and global processes of change. The study programmes are oriented towards employment within both the public and private sectors.

Facts about the programme

Degree: Students who complete the Erasmus Mundus master’s programme in Global Studies (European Master in Global Studies (EMGS)) where Roskilde University is one of the places of study will receive a double degree. I.e., each of the two universities that the student has completed his/her studies at will give a degree. The name of the master’s degree from Roskilde University is: Master of Science in Social Sciences (MSc) in Global and Development Studies.

Processing of personal data

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