Introduction to the programme

Do you want to work with contemporary global changes and complex challenges?

Our contemporary interconnected world, in rapid transition, requires first-class analytical and practical skills to understand and address its mounting and complex global challenges. 

The master’s programme Global and Development Studies provides students with such skills. It offers you a cutting-edge academic training in assessing contemporary global changes, trends and debates related to intensified globalisation processes and a reconfigured global development landscape.

It also provides you with the essential skills for applying your acquired knowledge practically to meaningfully address the critical global challenges of today.

As a student on this programme, you can work with themes such as climate change and sustainability, development and inequality, human rights and justice, power and conflict as well as social and economic contestation. You will be equipped with key analytical and practical skills, from project management, monitoring and evaluation, to reporting, teamwork and cross-cultural cooperation as well as problem solving. 


Specifically, students will be qualified to build meaningful careers in local, national as well as international government and development agencies, global corporations, consultancy firms, national and international non-governmental organizations, regional and international organizations such as the UN, as well as research institutions. Graduates will also be equipped with the academic qualifications to pursue a PhD.

Facts about the programme

Degree: Master of Science in Social Sciences in Global and Development Studies

Teaching language: English

Study start: First study start will be September 2022. Global and Development Studies has two annual study starts (February and September).