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Find the Right Bachelor Programme

A bachelor programme begins with a one year basic section of interdisciplinary studies.
The last two years you will specialise in one or two bachelor subjects.

Business Administration (int)

BSc of Business Administration is a business education which involves the classic disciplines such as organisation, sale, financial management, accounting, finance and business law. Business Administration at Roskilde University is distinctive due to the focus on interdisciplinarity and project work as a pedagogical tool. Read more about Business Administration (int)

Business Studies (int)

The bachelor subject Business Studies provides you with insight into important issues in business economics. This is primarily achieved through studies grounded in theory and analysis. Read more about Business Studies (int)

Chemistry (int)

The bachelor subject chemistry and the chemistry research at Roskilde University aim at doing chemistry in a green way. This means studies in second generation bioethanol, optimization of solar cells, synthesis of new bioactive compounds, synthesis of new and useful natural products, clever use of surface active compounds and development of biosensors. Read more about Chemistry (int)

Communication Studies (int)

In the bachelor subject Communication Studies you learn to Identify relevant communication problems, devise a communication plan, produce a communication product and address different approaches to audience target groups. Read more about Communication Studies (int)

Computer Science (int)

The main focus of the bachelor subject Computer Science is on software development and the design of IT systems. You will learn to plan, analyse, implement, test and document a programming assignment. Read more about Computer Science (int)

Cultural Encounters (int)

The bachelor subject Cultural Encounters focuses on the study of cultural identities and symbolic representational and interpretational forms through an international, cross-cultural and global perspective. It is particularly concerned with problems related to processes where cultural identities and representations interact and are exchanged. Read more about Cultural Encounters (int)

Environmental Biology (int)

The bachelor subject Environmental Biology focuses on the interaction between living animals, plants and micro-organisms and their physical, chemical and biological environment. Read more about Environmental Biology (int)

International Studies (int)

The bachelor subject International Studies focuses on the causes, consequenses and potential solutions to global conflicts and problems. You will acquire an understanding of the political economy and sociological aspects of international development, international politics and the European Union. Read more about International Studies (int)

Mathematics (int)

In Mathematics you will learn about the core elements of mathematics and how to work with basic research in mathematics, mathematical didactics and mathematical models in areas such as physics, epidemiology and physiology. Read more about Mathematics (int)

Molecular Biology (int)

Molecular Biology is the part of biology that concerns itself with macromolecules’ properties and interactions, and examines the function of genes and the function of the proteins that are formed. You will acquire a solid understanding of the key theories of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and microbiology. Read more about Molecular Biology (int)

Physics (int)

The bachelor subject Physics takes you through the basic disciplines of physics, including electrodynamics, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics. You will learn to structure and formalize physical problems and you will acquire the necessary skills to analyse the world with the approach and intuition of a physicist. Read more about Physics (int)

Social Psychology of Everyday Life (int)

Social Psychology of Everyday Life focuses on social psychology in a global context. It deals with the questions of how humans think and react, why humans think and act as they do, and how they interact with culture and society through their actions. Read more about Social Psychology of Everyday Life (int)