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Research Centre Centre for Research on Problem-oriented Project Learning

Gruppearbejde og problemorienteret projektlæring


Journal of Problem Based Learning in Higher Education

New article: Action Research in Planning Education - Expriences from Problem-oriented Project Work at Roskilde University

Visit from Paris 8

Visit from Université Paris 8

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education

New article: Inquiry-based learning in the Humanities: Moving from topics to problems using the “Humanities imagination”






Professor Eva Bendix Petersen at the RUC-PPL launch

RUC-PPL Launch

Friday Nov. 2, 2018 the RUC-PPL center was launched by a half-day seminar and subsequently a reception for students and staff from RUC and special invited guests.

Professor Emeritus, Knud Illeris at the RUC-PPL launch

Knud Illeris gave a talk at the launch of RUC-PPL

Professor Illeris, an internationally recognised scholar, was employed at RUC from 1972, when the university commenced.

Overblik over forskning på RUC

Base at Roskilde University

RUC PPL is an interdisciplinary centre with roots in all RUC's departments: Department overview

Problem-oriented project learning (PPL) is the pedagogical model at Roskilde University. PPL is the basis for all the university programmes - bachelor's, master's and exchange programmes and for our PhD schools.

Participating research units: Critical University Studies research group

Continuing education: Unit of Academic Development (EAE)

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Eva Bendix Petersen
Professor // Centre leader
+45 4674 2536 / +45 6195 1125

Jakob Egholm Feldt
Professor // Vice centre leader
+45 4674 3331 / +45 5132 5499

Signe Berri
+45 4674 2692