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Meet the researchers


Lone Simonsen, professor, pandemic researcher


Roskilde University

Lone Simonsen, professor, pandemic researcher // Karen Angeliki Krogfelt, professor (mso) // Viggo Andreasen, associate professor // Robert J. Taylor, adjunct associate professor // Maarten van Wijhe, assistant professor // Rasmus Kristoffer Pedersen, postdoc // Bjarke Frost Nielsen, Postdoc // Mathias Mølbak Ingholt, PhD student // Christian Berrig, PhD student // Søren Kølholt Poder, PhD student // Alex Vincent Thorn, visiting scholar// Amanda Gammelby Qvesel, visiting scholar // Søren Ørskov, visiting scholar // Christian Mannov Christiansen, student assistant

University of Copenhagen, Niels Bohr Institute

Kim Sneppen, professor // Andreas Eilersen, research assistant

DTU Health Tech, Department of Health Technology

Anders Gorm Pedersen, professor

Capital Region of Denmark, North Zealand Hospital

Thea Kølsen Fischer, Director of Clinical Research, Professor, University of Copenhagen

Research areas

Mathematical Epidemiology

Viggo Andreasen, associate professor // Kim Sneppen, professor // Bjarke Frost Nielsen, Postdoc // Andreas Eilersen, research assistant // Christian Berrig, PhD student // Rasmus Kristoffer Pedersen, postdoc

Epidemiology and Global Health

Lone Simonsen, professor, pandemic reseacher // Robert J. Taylor, adjunct associate professor // Maarten van Wijhe, assistant professor // Søren Ørskov, visiting scholar


Anders Gorm Pedersen, professor // Amanda Gammelby Qvesel, visiting scholar // Alex Vincent Thorn, visiting scholar

Medical History

Lone Simonsen, professor. pandemic researcher // Maarten van Wijhe, assistant professor // Mathias Mølbak Ingholt, PhD student // Rasmus Kristoffer Pedersen, postdoc // Søren Kølholt Poder, PhD student

Micro Biology, Immunity and Diagnostics

Karen Angeliki Krogfelt, professor

Clinical Virology

Thea Kølsen Fischer, Director of Clinical Research, Professor, University of Copenhagen


Stock foto af europa, mask

Indegenous peoples and pandemics

Picture: Figure from the paper. BMC Infectious Diseases.

Temperate climate malaria in nineteenth century Denmark

Child doing homework in bed wearing face mask

Children Naturally Evading COVID‐19 — Why Children Differ from Adults


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Model of a social network

Superspreading - Coronaviruses' Weakness?

Researchers from the PandemiX Center and the Niels Bohr Institute investigate SARS-CoV-2 virus' marked tendency towards superspreading.


New research centre will contribute to enhanced pandemic preparedness

A new research centre at Roskilde University, the PandemiX Center, will explore the dynamics and impact of pandemics.

Lone Simonsen

The Carlsberg Foundation grants DKK 10 million for research in mathematical pandemic models

Since January 2020 the ongoing Corona pandemic has thrown the world into a deep health crisis. The Carlsberg Foundation therefore grants DKK 10 million to a new Semper Ardens project for the development of mathematical models to predict the potential development of future epidemics. Professor Lone Simonsen at Roskilde University will lead this Semper Ardens project.

Patients with spanish flu in a hospital

100 years: Knowledge of the Spanish flu enhances our preparedness for future pandemics

Unique Danish data gives Professor Lone Simonsen an insight into how the Spanish Flu occurred 100 years ago. The insight helps to provide an impression of how future pandemics may behave.

Lone Simonsen

Pandemic researcher from RUC receives ministry’s communications prize

Professor Lone Simonsen has managed to explain complicated new knowledge about the Covid pandemic in a manner that is comprehensible and relevant to Danes at a critical time. For her efforts, the professor will be honoured with the Research Communication Prize 2021.

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On Twitter, you can read our comments on and answers to the many questions that are about COVID-19 and the Corona pandemic. The profile is edited by the researchers at PandemiX Center.


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Lone Simonsen
Director, head of research centre, professor
Phone +45 2342 9503

Johanne Greibe Andersen
Centre coordinator
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Researchers at PandemiX Center from Roskilde University