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Mathematics and Physics (IMFUFA)

Hjul til måling af rullemodstand


Lone Simonsen

Pandemic researcher from RUC receives ministry’s communications prize


New research centre will contribute to enhanced pandemic preparedness

Antigen test

Screening with rapid tests twice a week can significantly reduce infection in schools and workplaces






Lone Simonsen

The Carlsberg Foundation grants DKK 10 million for research in mathematical pandemic models

Since January 2020 the ongoing Corona pandemic has thrown the world into a deep health crisis. The Carlsberg Foundation therefore grants DKK 10 million to a new Semper Ardens project for the development of mathematical models to predict the potential development of future epidemics. Professor Lone Simonsen at Roskilde University will lead this Semper Ardens project.

Morten Andersen

Mathematics Provides More Effective Cancer Treatment

Mathematicians at Roskilde University, in collaboration with hematologists at Zealand University Hospital, have developed mathematical models for how normal blood production, development of blood cancer and inflammation mutually affect each other. In synergy with blood samples from the individual patient, the models can provide a guide for more effective, individualised cancer treatment.


100 years: Knowledge of the Spanish flu enhances our preparedness for future pandemics

Unique Danish data gives Professor Lone Simonsen an insight into how the Spanish Flu occurred 100 years ago. The insight helps to provide an impression of how future pandemics may behave.

Johnny Ottesen

Mathematical model can improve depression diagnosis

Mathematical models can be used to develop new methods to diagnose e.g. depression, and the models can provide important information to help develop better forms of treatment.


Climate-friendly asphalt developed with researchers from Roskilde University will be introduced on all national roads

Should an ongoing pilot project confirm the expected effects and durability of the asphalt, the Danish government will from 2020 introduce climate-friendly asphalt across the entire national road network ready for new surface. The asphalt has been developed since 2011 in two research projects headed by Jeppe Dyre, who is a professor of physics at Roskilde University.

Overblik over forskning på RUC

Base at Roskilde University

The research group is based at Department of Science and Environment

Related research units: Glass and time research centre // FRUSTMI research centre // PandeMix Center research centre // Centre for Mathematical Modeling - Human Health and Disease research centre 

PhD school: Doctoral School of Science and Environment

Degree programmes: Physics // Physics and Scientific Modelling // Mathematical Bioscience // International Bachelor in Natural Sciences

Research from Roskilde University

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