OpenBioLab is for small and medium-sized companies that ...

  • create new types of food products or materials with biotechnological solutions that among other things beneficial for the climate
  • lack testing and development facilities to move forward with product development.
  • want better insight in and more data on a product.
  • are interested in their product's life cycle or want to know more about the utilisation of waste and side streams in the company.
  • or lacks an indication of whether a current process can be upscaled or completely changed.

It might also be something completely different, you seek an answer to, where testing and development facilities are needed to get an indicator of whether you are on the right track.

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Companies can access OpenBioLab through:

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The laboratory provides a range of equipment:

  • basic biochemical equipment in laboratory scale
  • equipment targeted characterisation of particularly
    • plant-based food ingredients (raw materials and products after processing) 
    • side streams from other processes (e.g. fermentation) with potential for value addition through bioprocessing
  • equipment targeted development of data-driven process management, i.e. laboratory scale measuring equipment.


Ikon af taleboble


Laboratory manager

Frederik Diness, Associate professor
Phone: +45 4674 3920 



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