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Research Project The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Global Modernities. Global Catholicism in a Danish & Transnational Context

Project Duration: 04/01/2021 - 06/01/2024
Mindesmærke med udsigt over havet, Kilde med kors og helgen, Klippespalte med kors og billder


person with survey - grafic

Questionnaire for all Catholics in Denmark




The VELUX FOUNDATION has granted DKK 6 mill DKK for the project "The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Global Modernities". Since 2008, the VELUX FOUNDATION has focused on supporting basic research in the humanities at the highest level in close collaboration with the humanities departments of the universities.


Department for the Study of Religion at University of Toronto will host the PhD students for a semester-long stay.

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Base at Roskilde University

The project is based at Department of Social Sciences and Business

Participating research Units: Global Political Sociology Research group

PhD programmes: Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Business

Bachelor and masters programmes: Global and Development Studies // Cultutal Encounters // International Bachelor in Social Sciences

Research at Roskilde University

Research - an overview

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More information

Additional information about the project at:

Roskilde University Research Portal



Project leader

Bjørn Thomassen
Phone +45 4674 3268